Test in Chrome without installation

If you want to try Product Fruits and you don't have time for inserting our JavaScript code snippet into your application, you can install our Product Fruits Presenter extension and try it directly in your browser. The extension features are limited (e.g. you can't use segmentation), but it is a great way to start with Product Fruits.

  1. Install our Chrome extension
  2. In your project dashboard, click on the Test this project button. Your application should open in the new tab.
  3. Go back to the Product Fruits administration and start building


Watch it

Potential issues

The Chrome extension serves as the first step for testing Product Fruits. However, some features can be limited because proper JavaScript integration is needed. For example:

  • Segmentation won't work as the extension won't get your application data
  • URL filtering is limited
  • If your application uses particular front-end frameworks, tour triggers might be limited