Animations and proper Hints positioning

Hints are not aligned with target elements after animations end? This article is for you.

Product Fruits detects all possible changes in UI and adjusts positions of hints. However, animations are sometimes impossible to track. There are various reasons - there can be a lot of animations happening at the same time, animations are run by a custom framework (i.e. Angular) or animations happen on parent elements.

There are two solutions to this.

  1. If this happens only for a few Hints, you can set a displaying delay to affected hints. In the Hints editors, open a particular hint detail and set the delay to the Delay icon displaying on the Icon tab. The delay is always in milliseconds, i.e. 2000 means 2 seconds.
  2. If this issue affects more hints, your developers can use our JS API. See the updatePositions method in the JS API docs.